Join the Community

Do you want to be part of the development of Speedment? Maybe you have experienced a bug and found a potential solution to the same? There are many ways to contribute!


1 – Join the conversation

The best way to get in contact with our development team is via our official gitter chat!


2 – Create an issue

Have you experienced a bug or do you have a suggestion for a future Speedment release? A easy way to track the progress of your proposal is to create an issue on our Github page!


3 – Check out the Source Code

Are you curious about how Speedment looks like under the hood? Check out the complete source code on GitHub. Make your own clone of the project and start playing around with it!


4 – Create a pull-request

If you want something done right you sometimes have to roll up the sleeves and do it yourself! The open source way of submitting your work is then to create a pull-request!


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